Conspiracy 2: Best Supplemental Set in a While?


Conspiracy is probably the best supplemental set in a while. It’s chockful of Modern and Legacy cards, and has a few expensive uncommons to boot. That’s not even to mention some of the new cards that are going to make a impact in some older formats. The average value of a Mythic is 12.00$, a rare 6.22$ and an uncommon 2.97$.

These four cards are all Legacy relevant. It seems that this set may have more valuable Legacy cards than Eternal Masters, a set designed with Legacy and Vintage in mind did. It’s surprising that two of them are rare.

It even has a few modern relevant cards. Inquisition going down hurts me, since I had several playsets, but I’m glad to see supply go up. Reprinting Serum Visions and Ghostly Prison at uncommon is going to make them super easy to find, especially in a set with regular pack prices and such a long print run.

With these packs at only 3.99$, whereas Masters sets packs cost 9.99$, these packs are chockful of value. You can buy some here: MTG Magic Conspiracy Take the Crown Booster Box PREORDER Ships On August 26th. It looks fun to draft, and it’ll include a ton of value.





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