Conspiracy 2 Spoilers! Reprints

In Conspiracy 2, some cards received some much needed reprints. Serum Visions, a 5$ card due to play in Storm and combo decks does not deserve to be this high. Although it is the best cantrip in Modern, due to the bannings of Preordain and Ponder, it really shouldn’t be 5$. Hopefully Conspiracy helps to lower the price significantly. Ghostly Prison is also a card that is played in Modern. It’s color shifted twin Propoganda is significantly cheaper because it is not modern legal. Hopefully this will open up another affordable option for pillowfort decks in EDH. Take note these are both only uncommons.

Being one of the best, if not the best mana dork in Modern, Birds of Paradise will continue to climb in price. It sees play in the Abzan Company decks that are doing well. This reprint will do well to bring the price down. Phyrexian Arena is such a good EDH card, yet it was pretty expensive. This is another good reprint.

Show and Tell is an amazing card in older formats, where it is used to cheat in Emrakuls and the such. Burning Wish is a key card in Storm in older formats. These are both quite expensive cards. A set like Conspiracy is a perfect opportunity to reprint cards like these.


Burgeoning is a great card but oppressive card in EDH. It can frequently give you 2-3 more lands per turn cycle.

What do you think? Comment below!



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