Conspiracy 2 Spoilers! Week One Mythics

Hello everyone! I missed the first week of Conspiracy spoilers because I was gone camping. Today, I’ll go over the mythics from the first week of Conspiracy spoilers. I was looking over this a little earlier, and it looks pretty good. Expropriate is a pretty ridiculous. Council’s dilemma is a little different from Council’s will. It’s not which option wins. You get benefits for each vote. This seems ridiculous in EDH, since there’re a lot of players. Mizzix would love this one. Subterranean Tremors is basically a Earthquake. It can also be a Vandalblast for everyone and can also put a 8/8 lizard onto the battlefield. One problem is that the artifact destruction is not a may, so you have to do it. Mizzix would also probably like this as a boardwipe. I really like these big sorceries.

The Khans wedge colors seem to be getting some more love in terms of commander choice. Queen Marchesa isn’t really designed for commander, though. She seems more of a limited card. I guess she kind of plays as a Control commander since being the Monarch lets you draw an extra card each turn, but makes you a bigger target. Leovold is a okay commander. It just makes you a really big target. Even though your stuff becomes worse to remove, Leovold is so mean. It stops your opponent from drawing extra cards. Seems good in the 99 though.

Beserk is a reprint. It basically just doubles a creature’s power and suicides it. Selvala seems like a good commander for some kind of stompy green decks. The activated ability seems overpowered. It will frequently provide 10 or even 20 mana in those colors. The card draw is incidental, but can be good if you play your cards in the right order and curve out well.


Daretti is an interesting planeswalker. It’s still artifact based, like the original Daretti. The first ability protects itself, and sometimes can trade for a creature. It’s second effect is great when used in conjunction with the first ability. The ultimate is just ridiculous. It makes three copies of any artifact in a graveyard. That’s ridiculous. The second ability can set up a big artifact to copy. Even three Sol Ring are okay.

What do you think? A mechanics post will also be going up soon.




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