EMN Standard UR Spells

This deck is a spin on a couple decks that did well recently. It’s a Blue-Red spell based deck with a lot of burn. It’s good at dealing with threats, and finishes with burn or a flipped Thing in the Ice.

Decklist: Standard UR Spells

The burn suite is pretty sweet. Fevered Visions provides some extra card draw and some incidental burn. The rest is not much. Collective Defiance can be used to refill your hand sometimes.

Thing in the Ice deters most attacks with it’s big toughness. When it flips, it’s a real beater. It bounces everything and gets in for 7 per turn. Jace can help trigger Madness for Fiery Temper. When it flips, it can help flashback some burn spells or just slow down the attack. Thermo-Alchemist has been a card that has preformed exceptionally well recently. It adds one damage to all your burn spells, which is a big boost, and it blocks semi-well.

What do you think? Leave your comments below!



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