Eldritch Moon RB Madness

Hello everyone! This is a RB Madness deck using some of the new Eldritch Moon cards.


It wants to empty our hand pretty quick and curve out. Once we get our hand empty, it gets extra benefits from cards such as Asylum Visitor, Lupine Prototype and Bloodhall Priest. A few includes that I really liked in playtesting were: Chandra Flamecaller and Sea Gate Wreckage. Chandra lets you draw an additional card every turn, and so does Sea Gate Wreckage, since you are almost always empty-handed. Chandra can also act as a madness enabler if need be.

Creature (31)

Planeswalker (1)

Sideboard (15)

What I really like about the sideboard is that the maindeck is really bad against Languish, but we can change up the deck and make it really good against Languish while still doing what it wants to do. Collective Brutality and Duress can take out Languishes, and Twins of Maurer Estate survives a Languish. Voldaren Pariah is really good against the Company decks, so is Nahiri’s Wrath, since they both present ways to wipe their board. Kolaghan’s Command can come in as a way to get creatures back, if they’re playing heavy single-target removal.

What do you think? Comment below! I personally respond to every comment!



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