3 Non-Magic Related Ways Magic Has Helped me Improve

As we’re waiting for Consiracy spoilers, I’m going to share three ways Magic has helped me improve. I hope that you can share more in the comments!

  1. I’ve met new people/ forged better connections with people I didn’t know as well. I have a ton of friends who I wouldn’t have without Magic bringing us together
  2. Decision Making. Magic teaches you to weigh certain paths of play, to play around possible blowouts, to take the path that leads to the fast kill, etc. Sometimes, I feel like I can use these same skills in real life when making real life decisions.
  3. Memory. It has helped me build up memory skills. I remember things much better now than before I began to play Magic. I have particularly noticed a carryover when I play Bridge, or other games which require memory of specific playing cards or attributes.

What do you think?



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