5 Simple Steps for Better Deckbuilding


This is a post inspired by vjuan98 as part of the giveaway.

  1. Brainstorm. What kind of deck will it be? Is it focused only on one card? What colors? What cards should I put in?
  2. Research the metagame and format staples. This helps you in two ways. It can tell you either how to build your deck or how not to build it. You should build your deck so that it can fight, or at least not be devastated by the current format staples. If your deck idea is very weak to the format staples, you need to modify it. You can also use the format staples to look for powerful cards to put into your deck.
  3. Assemble a cardlist. Write down every single card you think you are going to want in your deck. You can trim it down later. Use a card searching site such as Gatherer or magiccards.info to search for cards within certain parameters.
  4. Assemble a decklist. From your cardlist, assemble a prototype decklist. This is not the final iteration, so it’s okay if you can’t fit everything into one decklist.
  5. Playtest and Change accordingly. Playtest in real life or on deck testing websites. Take notes. Which cards never perform well? Which ones always do? Are any cards redundant? Too many lands? Too few? Change up your deck accordingly. Remember to play a considerable amount of games before changing, to test whether it’s just an anomaly or if it’s the general outcome.

What did you think? Is this helpful or not?


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