EMN Intro Pack Review! Weapons and Wards


Hello everyone! I’m here with the fifth and final EMN intro pack review! This is the GW Humans and Equipment deck.

As always, I’m going to be improving the deck, keeping half the original cards, and only adding 10$.

Land (23)

Instant (2)

Sorcery (2)

I made this deck into a sort of Standard Bogles deck. You stack a bunch of auras and equipment on Conifer Strider, or on a random human, while you have Sigarda, Heron’s Grace out. Since they’ll be hexproof, they can’t be killed by spot removal, and likely won’t be able to be hit by most sweepers. The deck runs a bunch of enchantment based removal, which synergises well with Sigarda’s Aid, Open the Armory, and Ironclad Slayer. Sigarda’s Aid turns all your auras and equipment into permanent combat tricks. I think the end product of this was really neat. I hope you also liked it!

As always, if you want to purchase this intro pack, I would much appreciate it if you purchased it through me here. If you do so, I will make a little money, which I use to run giveaways and do other cool stuff for the readers. You should always know that you don’t have to do this, but if you already are going to, then I would much appreciate it if you helped me out along the way.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!




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