“Creating” Tokens


Hello everybody! About two weeks ago, the October FNM promo was spoiled. I’m not usually covering these, as they don’t have much relevance, but this one is special. Notice that it calls for you to “create” a token rather than to put X tokens onto the battlefield. I think this is a minor change, but there are still some discussion to be had.

First of all, it now requires less words to be printed on token producers, so in some future circumstances, it may allow Wizards to put text where they wouldn’t have been to without this templating change.

Secondly, in some cases, “create” sounds more flavorful. “Creating” a mechanical object, e.g. a thopter, construct, golem, etc. sounds more flavorful. This change makes some sense because we’re going to Kaladesh, a steampunk-y plane. However, “creating” a Human soldier sounds sort of less flavorful than before.

This change isn’t a large one. It doesn’t really affect the game much, except the corner cases where it lets Wizards put extra text on cards.

What do you think? Leave a comment below!




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