EMN Intro Pack Review! Untamed Wild


Hello everyone! This is the fourth of five intro pack reviews. It’s a RG Werewolf deck, with some Madness splashed in.

In this series, we improve the intro pack, keeping half the original cards, only adding 10$ in improvements.

The deck has a lot of efficient Werewolves. The main synergies are Howlpack Resurgence, Spirit of the Hunt, Geier Reach Bandit and  Silverfur Partisan. There’s a lot of synergies between Uncaged Fury, Wolfkin Bond, Prey Upon, and Clear Shot and Silverfur Partisan. Spirit of the Hunt can blowout opponents really well. Silverfur Partisan makes targeted removal worse against this deck. Lightning Axe provides a little bit of extra removal.

If you want to purchase this intro pack, you can buy it through me here. If you do, I get a little bit of money, which I use to do giveaways like this one.

Thanks for reading!




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