EMN Intro Pack Review! Shallow Graves


Hello everyone! Today we have the third review in the five-part series reviewing the Eldritch Moon intro packs. It’s the UB Zombie/ Self Mill intro pack. It has a lot of cards that benefit from self-mill.

What I do is I improve the Intro Pack keeping half the original deck, and only adding 10$ worth of cards.

Instant (6)

Enchantment (4)

In this deck, I upped some of the self-mill and the payouts for self-mill. It’s good at playing the grindy, long game, because a lot of creatures can get themselves or others back. The main payouts are Spontaneous Mutation, Graf Harvest, Whispers of Emrakul, to the Slaughter and Gisa and Geralf. All these cards are really good when Delirium is on.

If you want to purchase this intro pack, you can buy it through me here. If you do, it gives me a small amount of money, which lets me do giveaways like the one running right now.
Thanks for reading!


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