Planeswalkers by Color

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Hello everyone! This is a prediction/ speculation type of article. It compares how many planeswalkers are in each color or color combination.

Grixis 1
Bant 1
Temur 1
Colorless 2

There’s only three tri-color planeswalkers, and two colorless ones. In the Kaladesh block, we should expect another tri-colored one. Saheeli Rai might be Jeskai. This is all kind of base-less speculation, though.

White 11
Blue 10
Black 8
Red 9
Green 8

In the next few sets, we should expect some new Black, Green or Red planeswalkers. Red seems very probable, since this set is Chandra’s home plane.

Azorious 2
Orzhov 3
Boros 2
Selesnya 1
Dimir 2
Izzet 2
Simic 2
Rakdos 1
Golgari 3
Gruul 4

We could also be looking forward towards to a Selesnya or a Rakdos planeswalker.  Izzet, Simic, Dimir, and Boros all also seem probable. Izzet may also be the colors for Saheeli Rai.

Now that you’ve seen the facts, what do you think? What’s your speculation?



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