EMN Intro Pack Review! Unlikely Alliances


Hello everyone! Today we have the second review in the five-part series reviewing the Eldritch Moon intro packs. This intro pack, the White/Black deck. It’s a token deck, with a lot of creatures that benefit from creatures dying, which happens alot, since you have a lot of creatures.

What I do is I improve the Intro Pack keeping half the original deck, and only adding 10$ worth of cards.

In this deck, I took out most of the token producers and other cards that synergize with tokens. The deck focuses on dropping a few fast creatures, and strengthening them with Gryff’s Boon and Lunarch Mantle. The deck can accumulate a ton of clues between Thraben Inspector and Bygone Bishop, which are super good when you sacrifice them to Angelic Purge or Lunarch Mantle. Sanctifier of Souls can get really big and can generate a ton of tokens late game. It’s a prime target for your strengthening enchantments. Campaign of Vengeance is a nice top end, applying extra pressure and letting you win races.

If you want to buy this intro pack, I would appreciate if you purchased it from me here. It gives me a little bit of money, which goes towards giveaways like the one I’m running right now. So far, there’s only one participant, lordmtg. He’s bound to win if no one stops him!

Thanks for reading! Comment suggestions below!


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