EMN Intro Pack Review! Dangerous Knowledge


Hello! I’m back again with more intro pack reviews! I do this for each set. What I do is talk about the deck a little, then improve it, keeping half of the original cards, and only adding 10$ in improvements. The finished product is usually playable at a FNM level.

This deck is the UR spells deck. It originally had many creatures that did things when you cast a spell, but I lowered the creature count and upped the spell count.

BTW: Right now, the tappedout.net website is down, so I used deckstats. I couldn’t find a way to get the card links working. Sorry!

2 Niblis of Frost
1 Bedlam Reveler
4 Galvanic Bombardment
2 Incendiary Flow
4 Take Inventory
2 Convolute
2 Geistblast
4 Pieces of the Puzzle
2 Dance with Devils
4 Pore Over the Pages
4 Rise from the Tides
1 Turn Aside
4 Brain in a Jar
9 Mountain
15 Island

The improved decklist is shown above. I now only have three creatures. I made the deck into a Brain in a Jar deck, by adding more card draw spells and upping the Rise from the Tides count to four. The idea of the deck is to accumulate counters on Brain in a Jar and draw a ton of cards, while stalling with burn spells and counter spells. Eventually you’ll be able to use Brain in a Jar to cast Rise from the Tides at the end of your opponent’s turn, and attack on the next turn for the win.

The sideboard is heavily meta-dependent. I would say have some negates and other counterspells for Collected Company, Radiant Flames as a sweeper versus more aggressive decks.

If you would like to buy the intro pack, I would highly appreciate if you purchased it through me, here. It helps me get a little money, so I can do giveaways like the one I’m running right now.

Thanks for reading! Leave your thoughts in the comments below!




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