Standard EMN Emerge


Today, we’ll be doing some Eldrazi shenanigans. The deck is an emerge value deck, that focuses on getting the most out of every card in the deck. Curving into large Eldrazi on turn four is not unlikely. There’s lots of intricate synergies included in the deck.

Emerge Fodder

Primal Druid serves several purposes. It blocks most two drops, is fodder for emerge, and has a dying ability that ramps us. In this deck, it’s a rampant growth + kind of fog. Foul Emissary enters and replaces itself immediately. We run 34 creatures, and should never fail to find one. The deck is slightly toolboxy, so this card can help find us the creatures we need. As an added bonus, it gives us an 3/2 Eldrazi when it gets sacrificed for an emerge card. Talk about value!

Exultant Cultist is not a good body, but can set up the turn four emerge pretty well, while drawing us a card. Greenwarden of Murasa is just super value in this deck. Sometimes we don’t need to emerge off it, since it’s already so big, but we can, and we get a sweet dying trigger on top of it.


Accursed Witch seems like a cute include, but not actually good. I run only one in the mainboard, and two more in the sideboard. It helps against slower decks with lots of removal that can just mow down our big Eldrazi. It gives us a win-con in those grindy games where all our Eldrazi get killed.

Emerge Creatures

Wretched Gryff is just a decent body with a decent cast ability. Nothing exciting. Distended Mindbender is good against control or slow decks, and can be taken out versus faster decks.

Elder Deep-Fiend leads to large blowouts. It can tap down blockers to attack for lethal, or blank removal spells by sacrificing the targeted creature. It can also be used to tap down lands during your opponent’s upkeep. Decimator of Provinces helps break board stalls against some of the more midrangey creature based decks in the format.


A worse Siege Rhino that lands and swings life totals by 6, while providing a large body. It’s no Siege Rhino, but it’s still good.


Den Protector is pretty self-explanatory. It gets back both big Eldrazi and smaller emerge fodder cards. Catacomb Sifter gets us card filtering when we emerge, and can be emerge fodder in a pinch. The token is also nice ramp to get us up into Eldrazi casting mana range.


Liliana transforms almost at command in this deck, and the planeswalker provides another way to win long, grindy games. It just fits right in.

Grasp of Darkness kills any problematic utility creatures, since we don’t have any form of ETB effect removal. I run one Coax from the Blind Eternities. It’s a stretch, but I like the fact it can get a Lashweed Lurker or Distended Mindbender from the sideboard in G1 to get an edge. It also has the added bonus of getting back things that have been killed by Declaration in Stone.

Decklist: Standard Emerge

Hope you enjoyed it! Leave your thoughts in the comments below! Suggestions are welcome and encouraged!



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