~~~First Blog Giveaway~~~

Hello Everyone! I recently received my first payout from Amazon Associates! As promised, I’m going to give it back to the readers. I really appreciate everyone who supported the blog. You got me here, so I’m giving back to you all.


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3 Packs of Eldritch Moon or 3 Packs of Shadows over Innistrad, in case you feel uncomfortable about buying Eldritch Moon packs.


August 7

Thanks for all the support, and I hope you win!



11 thoughts on “~~~First Blog Giveaway~~~

  1. Used to play MTG 15 years ago and am looking to start back up. I am interested in the intro decks and deck building for casual play. You could do more reviews of the intro decks for SOI or eldritch Moon and what is worth buying or not.


  2. I’m quite new to Magic, I just discovered your blog and I must say it’s quite awesome! As for ideas for the blog, I would suggest guides to learn how to build our own deck (not using an intro pack as a base) to start playing in FNM


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