eldritch moonHello, everyone! I’m back with a announcement/ warning regarding Eldritch Moon. The announcement is that Eldritch Moon is mappable. This meaning that there are ways to know where many of the desirable cards in a booster box are. In Gatecrash/ RTR / Dragon’s Maze, there were phone apps that allowed you to open a few packs, and then predict what the rest of the packs contained. This, however, is far easier.

In a booster box, all the non-flip card Mythics will be contained in booster packs with the same art. So, when you open one mythic, you open the rest of the packs with that card art, and then you’ll have all the non-flip Mythics in that booster box. Then, you can sell the rest of the packs in the box for a profit.

This problem seems to only apply to the 48 contiguous American states, and possibly Alaska. Hawaii and the rest of the world seem alright, according to what I’ve read.

So, what does this mean for you, me, or anyone else? This means that buying packs from “less trustworthy” or less traceable sources, such as eBay or Amazon is highly discouraged. It’s just too easy to get cheated by them. I highly discourage buying from these kinds of people.

Secondly, if you buy loose packs from a local game store, be sure to sift through and see if there are only one or two pack arts in the box. If so, don’t buy. Most local game stores will be trustworthy, and won’t take the easy money, but some will, and you have to be aware of that.


I really don’t know how this happened or how Wizards could be so careless. This is a big thing, and hopefully be fixed in the second wave of Eldritch Moon going out to distributors.

Thanks for reading! Expect Intro Pack reviews and Eldritch Moon deck techs to come soon.





3 thoughts on “DO NOT BUY ELDRITCH MOON! ! !

  1. In canada here and me and a friend opened 3 boxes, 2 were from one store and prob from the same case. Both boxes had the mythics in tamiyo packs.
    Then I got another box from a completely different store, and almost all the non flip were from tamiyo again, however got one mythic, the spider, from a werewolf pack. As a note this box I got 3 rares that were doubled. So it could have been where the sheet was moved to the new one, meaning a different print run in the middle of the box. And that would explain getting the mythic in a different art.
    Now does this really change things??? There is a bit if valuewith some rares in this set, like spell queller.
    I know some LGS here are opening 6 cases and taking a box from each and mixing the 216 packs up for drafting with.


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