Full Eldritch Moon Spoilers!

I didn’t get a chance to review the last couple rares/ Mythics before the full spoiler, between jet lag and travel. I’m going to talk a little about the set. It seems to have some strong tribal themes, and a lot of original Innistradian cards have returned. I like that. I can’t wait to get my hands on these. I won’t be able to attend prerelease or release, and maybe not even Game Day, but I’ll find a draft somewhere and experience this great set. I’m going to talk over some of the more powerful cards that spoiled between this post and my last one. 

Spell Queller is another aggressive flasher. We’ve seen these in SOI and OGW, in the form of Dimensional Infiltrator and Rattlechains. A WU Flash Tempo deck is in order. It’s a nice two for one, countering a spell and providing a body with good stats for the mana cost. I like it. Nahiri’s Wrath seems busted in the right deck, with this and a more expensive spell to pitch. It’s too bad it can’t hit opponents, though. That would be even more busted. I expect to see this board wiping. In a control deck, pitching a finisher to this and getting a solid four-ish for two seems great. We haven’t even discussed delirium yet.

This is a weird card. I think it’s pretty powerful. It can’t be removed, unless they want to wipe their own board. It’s like a Zada-ish card. Pumping this to pump your whole team seems good. That’s pretty good. I see potential, but don’t know exactly how to execute it.

What do you think? Comment below!


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