7/4 EMN Spoilers! : Providence, Summary Dismissal, Spirit of the Hunt, Ishkanah Grafwidow!

Hello! I’m back with more Eldritch Moon spoilers! First up, we have Providence. You can reveal Providence from your opening hand to have your life total become 26. 26 is two times 13. CONSPIRACY. THERE ARE THIRTEEN CANDLES ON EACH BRANCH. I don’t see Providence seeing much Standard play. Definitely not EDH play. Summary Dismissal is interesting. A nice EDH card that just empties the stack. Could be used to stop combos. Oh, are all the triggers on the stack? Ok, now they’re not.

Spirit of The Hunt can come in and save Werewolves, and it has decent stats, although the Werewolf deck isn’t very good in Standard. Though, if it was, saving from a Radiant Flames/Languish would be powerful. Ishkanah, Grafwidow is the Spider God. I was hoping for a Turtle God, but this will have to do. It has an off color activation, so the color identity is actually GB. I like the effects. It generates tokens, and can start poking down opponents with it’s activated effect. SPIDER SPAWNING, ANYONE? Spider Spawning + This Ability is grossly overpowered. Some sort of self mill Commander, possibly containing Gitrog? Who knows?

What do you think? Comment below!



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