7/4 EMN Spoilers! Liliana, The Last Hope!


Liliana, the Last Hope is here! It’s a three drop, s0 it has some potential in Standard, though Modern is a stretch. The plus one is kind of like Origins Jace’s first, though it can kill X/1s. The second ability is really good in the sort of grindy decks, it gets you creatures back that have been killed, or that you’ve milled. The ultimate is the kind of thing that only works when you’re already winning, and does nothing when you’re losing. Some sort of GB control shell with Liliana. I’m thinking like the Seasons Past/ Petition decks from the Pro Tour might want Liliana.


Oath of Liliana is an edict effect that can produce a few zombies as a side note. The Oath cards never see that much play, unless they’re good without the planeswalker effect. The flavor text is great, though.


Nephalia Academy is a weird card. It helps against discard decks, but still puts you behind on cards. It can help you keep certain cards if you really don’t want to get rid of them. Could some Modern decks play this? I’m not sure. Thoughtseize/ Inquisition/ Liliana are all extremely powerful. That would be interesting.

What do you think? Comment below!



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