Modern Lands Control

Today, I bring you a Modern Lands Control deck tech. The deck aims to trade and chump block with lands, and replay them with Crucible of the Worlds/ Life from the Loam to go into the long game, and then beat down with creature lands. Thanks to Mike M for helping me test the deck. That’s right. I usually spend several hours playtesting these decks, to make sure they run well. Thanks to Mike, I didn’t have to spend that much time. By the way, I will be leaving for Europe on next Tuesday, and may not be able to post much spoilers. I’ll definitely be keeping up though, and give you some longer posts when I get back in August.

We have three colorless creature lands. Mutavault is probably the best one, though Inkmoth and Blinkmoth come in handy in other scenarios. We almost never win from Infect damage, unless we have a Sylvan Advocate out. Then, it’s much easier. These are the lands I throw down turn 1 so that I can start blocking creatures on turn 2.

Treetop Village is pretty efficient, and can stonewall most threats. Raging Ravine is our “finisher” land, because it takes four to activate. Once we are able to activate it, it does a lot of work.

Tectonic Edge lets us trade our land 1 for 1 with theirs, which is powerful, since we’re the ones who can get our lands back from the graveyard. I’ve used it to take out Valakuts and Nykthoses. It’s pretty versatile. Mystifying Maze complicates combat, even though it’s very expensive to activate. Ghost Quarter is our land removal for early game. It does give your opponent their land back, but some decks don’t even play basic lands so they can’t search for one.

Crucible of Worlds is fantastic in this deck. Getting back Ghost Quarter over and over to kill an opponent’s whole mana base feels fantastic. Even getting back manland after manland feels somewhat broken. Life from the Loam is also good, but not as good, since it needs to be cast over and over, where Crucible only needs to be cast once.


Ancient Stirrings gives us a turn one play. It helps us find whatever land we need in this matchup. With this deck, it never whiffs. It usually gives us 3-4 lands to choose from.

Sylvan Advocate is dangerous to play early since it gets bolted and is the way our deck wins. It literally wins us the game if we have six or more lands, because we run so many creature lands. Azusa is great ramp. It lets us play two additional lands a turn! That’s three a turn!

Decklist: Modern Lands Control

What do you think of the deck? Comment below!


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