7/1 EMN Spoilers: Tamiyo, Stromkirk Mystic, Collective Brutality, Distended Mindbender


We got a Tamiyo, in Bant. It’s very versatile, it could be an aggressive or a control one. The first ability can be used on your own creatures to draw extra cards. It’s just combat damage, not just to a player, so if they block or not, you draw two cards. In a control deck, you can use it to dissuade attacking. The minus 2 can be used to clear out blockers or to slow down an attack. The ultimate is Ancestral Recall + Omniscience. As if Omniscience wasn’t already good enough.

Collective Brutality is a Duress, Disfigure, and Brush with Death, all in one. You don’t end up down a card unless you choose the life drain option, since the others most likely get you a card. It’s pretty powerful, and enables madness cheaply. Distended Mindbender is another Emerge Eldrazi. When you cast it, it makes your opponent discard two cards of your choice, within certain parameters. Between the two effects, you can make them discard anything in their hand. It’s a little expensive for Constructed, though.


Stormkirk Mystic
Creature – Vampire Horror

When Stormkirk Mystic deals combat damage to a player, exile the top card of your library. Until end of turn, you may cast that card.

Madness 1R

This card seems pretty good and will do some work if you can Madness it out. It’s an efficient body, and generate some card advantage quickly. It’s only worth it if you can madness it. RB Aggro seems a little pushed in this set. I hope to see that deck emerge.

What do you think? Comment below!



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