Triskaidekaphobia Tree

This deck is called Triskaidekaphobia Tree, because of the main combo, Triskaidekaphobia and Tree of Perdition. Since Tree of Perdition’s Toughness is 13, your opponent’s life total becomes 13, and they lose on the next upkeep.


Read the Bones serves two purposes. It helps us find our combo pieces, and it also helps us control our life total, to make sure it doesn’t hit thirteen. We can die to our own Triskaidekaphobia!

Grasp of Darkness and Languish help keep the board clear, since we run no creatures other than Tree of Perdition, which is a four drop. We don’t want to get killed by all the aggressive white decks of the format before we can stabilize and win with Triskaidekaphobia.

Fall of the Titans and Avacyn’s Judgment are for taking down your opponent’s life total by whatever number you want, but can also double as creature removal in a pinch.

Same with these two. Rolling Thunder is probably the best one because it can alleviate pressure from multiple creatures, and still get opponents down to thirteen life.

Plan B: Burn em’ Out!!! There’s always the chance that it’ll be easier to just kill them with Burn.

What do you think of the deck? What would you change? Comment below!



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