6/30 EMN Spoilers: Lupine Prototype, Stromkirk Condemned, Eldritch Evolution, Geier Reach Sanitarium

Lupine Prototype seems like a good aggressive card, and fit in the same deck as that card from yesterday, Bloodhall Priest. They both encourage decks that empty their hands quickly. Stromkirk Condemned not only serves as a Madness outlet, it gives your Vampires an anthem. It’s awkward that it doesn’t allow you to just dump your hand. That would be a little powerful, though.

Geier Reach Sanitarium is an addition to any deck with Madness, because then it’s getting even more of an advantage than it’s opponent. In a one or two color deck, this card, like Westvale Abbey will not make the mana base to bad. Eldritch Evolution is like a Birthing Pod effect on a sorcery. I can see it being abused, but not in the same way that Birthing Pod was. You can cheat in a card with a large converted mana cost, like a Allosaurus Rider or an affinity card, and then Eldritch Evolution it into a creature that’s actually large.



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