6/27 EMN Spoilers #3: Return of Madness, Delirium, DFC Cards


I’ve noticed something! The melded card’s back side must be just half a card, and you flip them over and combine them to make an overside melded card. That’s what it looks like to me, at least.

Crpytolith Fragment is a turn four mana rock that makes everyone lose life when ever you tap it for mana. When everyone has less than ten life, you get Aurora of Emrakul, which easily closes out the game by swing for 4ish every turn. So, we are going to get some regular double faced cards in this set.

Gnarlwood Dryad and Chilling Grasp show that Delirium and Madness are both returning in Eldritch Moon. Gnarlwood Dryad is pretty powerful, because it’s passable without Delirium up, and very powerful with Delirium. Chilling Grasp is a little less overwhelming, but these two cards show us that two of the SOI mechanics are returning.


Last we have Thalia’s Lancers, which tutors for legendary creatures. This may have some commander applications, but it’s kind of weird otherwise unless they’re trying to have a “Legendary” theme like they did in Kamigawa.

What do you think for the returning mechanics? The way melding works? Comment below!



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