6/27 EMN Spoilers #1: Gisela and Bruna: Brisela

What happens when Gisela and Bruna combine? The answer is Brisela. In Eldritch Moon, Gisela and Bruna both make a return, but as Horrors, with tentacles coming out of them. Then using the new meld mechanic, they meld into an Eldrazi horror. Gisela is an efficient four drop flyer with First Strike and Lifelink. She’ll see some Standard play in some sort of midrange deck. Bruna, however is more of an EDH choice. She’s big, and expensive, but has a reanimator ability stuck onto her.


Then, they meld into a creature that has all of their keywords, and restricts the spells your opponents can play. And they now look deformed. No wonder Sigarda is crying. It’s a pretty decent card. I’m excited to see more of Eldrazi for my Circu Eldrazi deck, though I can’t use this one.

What do you think? I’ll have a few more spoiler posts up in the coming day discussing new mechanics, and the other sides of Hanweir, the Writhing Township.



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