6/26 EMN Spoilers: Graf Rats and Midknight Scavengers


Eldritch Moon has brought a big change. Melding. Basically, at the beginning of your combat, one card checks if you have another specific card, and if you do, it “melds” them. Some things still remain unclear, like where does the melded creature come from? Does it have to be in your hand, deck or is it in an Extra Deck? This reminds me way too much of YuGiOh, where there is a Extra deck with cards you can special summon, which makes the games super consistent, which I hated, and escaped (hopefully) by switching to Magic. This is also a terribly narrow common. In this limited environment, I would imagine melding being an extra payoff, since it’s hard to pick up one specific common. So, the melding cards would have to be decent without their other part for you to actually take them. You just can’t take a Graf Rat, hoping for Midnight Scavengers later in the draft. That’s absurd. If they’re going to use the Extra Deck system, that makes decks more consistent, something I’m strongly against, especially in Standard. Anyway, enough talk about the mechanic, let’s take a look at the actual cards. Neither are cards I would play in Constructed. I would draft Midnight Scavengers, but not Graf Rat, most probably. Heavily draft unplayable, since you need three different cards to make the melding work. You need the two melding “materials” and then the melded creature. The melded creature may be on the back of the cards, both of them, maybe? I don’t know. Awkward situation. You’re also 2 for 1ing yourself in the process of melding. I’m not sure how Wizards will make this work out, but I’m sure they’ll find a way. I have to keep at least some faith in a corporation I’ve paid hundreds to. What do you think of these cards? Of the mechanic?


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