Leyline Starfield Deck Tech


Today, I bring you a Leyline Starfield Deck Tech! The idea is to begin the game with a ton of Leylines on the field, and then animated them with Starfield of Nyx to win the game with a bunch of 4/4s that you can bring back with Starfield of Nyx. Besides 26 Leylines and 4 Starfield of Nyx, we play 2 Idyllic Tutor as extra Starfield of Nyxs.

Next we have 4 Herald of the Pantheon and 2 Cloud Key to help get Starfield out turn 4 and possibly gain some life from Herald of the Pantheon. The big problem is that Herald of the Pantheon is boltable.


Ghostly Prison and Sphere of Safety can help come in versus more Agressive or Midrange decks to dissuade attackers.

Runed Halo helps against some Combos that target you, or you can just Protect yourself from Geist of Saint Traft, Goyf, or Bolt. Oblivion Ring helps versus Tron and other larger creature strategies. It also helps as a form of enchantment or artifact removal if needed.

Zur is actually a pretty nice addition. It can’t be Lightning Bolted, and searches up our sideboard cards and puts them onto the battlefield to help counter other decks. Helm of the Gods can help the deck race, possibly by equipping to an early Herald of the Pantheon and giving it +3/+3. That can help race more Aggressive decks.

All the sideboard options distract from the main deck plan, but buy you extra time to assemble it.

Decklist: Leyline Starfield

What do you think of the deck? I did some testing, the deck gets considerably better after sideboard, and can sometimes win G2 and G3, though a G1 win is unlikely. What do you think?





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