Hanweir, The Writhing Township & Extricator of Sin & Voldaren Pariah


Another eventful day of spoilers! Mind you, remember that official spoiler season ha

Mad Humans

sn’t even started yet. This trickle of cards is painful. First, we have the back side of a Double-Faced Eldrazi. The collectors number indicates that it’s probably red, so a bunch of mad humans, possibly as the front side.  It would’ve been even cooler if it was a land that transformed into it, like Westvale Abbey. Anyway, It’s cool to see some Eldrazi flip cards. Will they all have the same flip trigger, like werewolves? Notice, the place where there’s normally a sun or a moon is occupied by Emrakul. Will the other side have a human face or an Avacynian symbol? The back is a pretty good card, and is legendary, so the front is also legendary, I assume. It’s like an Eldrazi Grave Titan, but bigger.

Face to Face Games posted on Facebook that they would reveal these two cards on the 29th, but forgot to remove the names of the cards from the file name, so we now know these cards are Voldaren Pariah and Extricator of Sin. That’s pretty careless of them. There have been lots of mistakes this spoiler season, such as the Liliana, the Last Hope from yesterday.

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