Liliana, The Last Hope for Eldritch Moon?

Art by Steve Argyle. Modifications by Me

Surprisingly, this isn’t baseless speculation. While surfing around around MTGSalvation and looking at the Eldritch Moon number crunch, I saw: Liliana, the Last Hope. I checked the spoilers, and no Lili cards. I copied and pasted it, and found this, posted by MTGSalvation user StarlightWizard:

Someone in Brazil uploaded the name of (one of the?) Eldritch Moon poster, showing Liliana. The poster has the name of Liliana’s card in portuguese (Jace, Desvendador de Segredos is Jace’s card in portuguese, the other names below match, too).

“Liliana, a Última Esperança” would be “Liliana, the Last Hope”

EDIT – it shows up on the WPN page, if you select “portuguese” as your language.


Attached is a photo of his screen, displaying a photo showing the Liliana Poster on the Wizards page. Is this a sign that the Portugese section of Wizards accidentally posted it the poster, or is it an easter egg? However, the poster has been changed to simply say “Lua Arcana”, or Eldritch Moon in English, I assume. Reacting to the “accident” implies that it was accidental, as is real. So, if Liliana has been “confirmed”, I hope that Tamiyo will also make an appearance in Eldritch Moon.

What do you think about this “leak”? About the appearance of Liliana? Comment below!


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