New Eldritch Moon Emrakul Spoiled!


We got the New Emrakul from the Access Magic with Jimmy Wong and Mark Rosewater. It’s not the best titan we’ve seen, unfortunately. Emrakul costs 13, but can be reduced a little, but not much. Remember, the card types are: Artifact, Enchantment, Creature, Sorcery, Instant, Tribal, Land, and Planeswalker. It can cost 5, but it probably never will. The Mindslaver-like second clause is okay if it lets you win, but it gives them an extra turn after you take one of theirs. It has flying and trample, which are great for being evasive and punching in damage. Last of all, it has protection from instants???. That’s not much, considering that the Original Emrakul had protection from colored. nahiri,theharbingerIf this Emrakul is supposed to fit in with Nahiri, I don’t think Nahiri is better with New Emrakul than it is with New Ulamog. So, I don’t see much Standard playability, besides maybe in Rites. Maybe not even there. Ruinous Path is a great way to remove it, so is Stasis Snare. These are both removal spells that take out Emrakul without sacrificing a card slot. They’re both perfectly playable removal spells in Standard. In Modern, Tron will not play this. It has Mindslaver for when it needs to control other players, and Old Emrakul if it needs a big finisher. The Old Emrakul has immunity from basically everything, Annihilator 6, and it gives you an whole extra turn. Also, it can’t be countered. This Emrakul gets Remanded and Mana Leaked all day. In Commander, I don’t see what you would capitalize on. If you want Eldrazi Tribal, go with Newlamog. It’s much better than Newmrakul. I really don’t know. Maybe it’ll fit somewhere. I really don’t. What do you think? Comment below!


3 thoughts on “New Eldritch Moon Emrakul Spoiled!

  1. I feel as a commander it would be great considering the flexibility of its mana cost, lots of people love running generals that have (costs 1 less to cast if…) in thier text, he can come out much earlier than the other titans, delerium would be easy to get in commander, and i don’t think giving your opponents an extra turn is a big deal when you can cast all their spells anyways, its a 13/13 beater that says target player will do what i want then draw a card,
    but i’ll concede to your argument about newlamog


  2. I think newmrakul is great, but only in edh, he has a flexible mana cost, delerium is easy to get in edh, plus eldrazi ramp anyway, i also think he will be more fun as the game is not necessarly over when you cast him, also the slaver ability is great on a stick, sure you give them another, but you probably left them with nothing good in hand, he is a 13/13 sen triplets with minor drawbacks, not so bad, but ill concede to the newlamog argument


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