Legendary Werewolf and Coax from the Blind Eternities!

Ok. We’ve gotten three cards in one day, and the official spoiler season hasn’t even started yet! We got the Legendary Werewolf that everyone’s been whining for for years. It’s a bit underwhelming, though. It’s not a Werewolf lord, but can be kind of abused. I’m pretty sure this will appease the masses, despite not being a Werewolf lord. Next, we have a big shocker.

They’ve returned with the “from outside the game” clause that we first saw on the Wish cards. Trust me, it’s not as broken as it seems. In constructed formats, “outside the game” is limited to your 15 card sideboard, not anything you own. It could be a cool part of a toolboxy Eldrazi control deck. It doesn’t really slot into the current UW or Bant Modern Eldrazi lists, though. An Esper List maybe? It kind of acts like a tutor. Let’s say that you want to build a deck around Eldrazi X. You run 3 Eldrazi X in the main, along with 4 Coax. You run one in the side. You effectively 7 copies in the main, though every Coax you draw after the first is useless, unless they exiled one of your Eldrazi, or you run other options in the sideboard.

What do you think of the return of “outside the game”? What about the Werewolf Legendary? Comment below!



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