Modern Ally Company Deck Tech


Today, I bring you a Modern Deck Tech: Ally Company! I chose a green white build, splashing blue for Jwari Shapeshifter. Let’s take a look through it:

Ramp Creatures

We run 4 Birds, 2 Druid, and 3 Hierarch. These help us ramp into fast Collected Companies and Chords of Callings. Harabaz Druid can get quite out of hand quickly, producing six or so mana a tap after firing off a few Collected Companies. Birds and Hierarch are more Standard inclusions in Collected Company decks, and can translate to bigger threats in the late game after a few Gavony Township activations. That’s the main reason for 4 Birds over 4 Hierarch. In the long stretch, they become large, evasive threats.

Other Creatures

We run 3 Kazandu Blademaster and 2 Hada Freeblade as aggressive creatures that you can hard cast or drop off of Collected Company.

We run 2 Sylvan Advocate and Veteran Warleader. Sylvan Advocate has decent stats, and gets even better in long games, since we run 3 Stirring Wildwood to help out the mana base and provide late game mana sinks. stirringwildwoodVeteran Warleader gets big fast with this aggressive beatdown deck. The second ability comes in handy sometimes. Trample is the one I end up using the most, because it helps get past lots of defensive creatures and tokens


Jwari Shapeshifter is a very versatile creature. It can come down later to copy a Veteran Warleader and apply pressure, or help ramp up early game as a Harabaz Druid. It’s the whole reason we’re in blue.

Chord of Calling helps us find whatever creature we need in the situation, or just helps provide additional pressure. I usually use it to tutor up Eternal Witness, to get back a Collected Company, so we can Company an additional time. Collected Company is a mana cheating engine, and also can surprise opponents by messing up combat with extra blockers and enter the battlefield triggers.

Decklist: Ally Company

What would you add to the deck? Do you think I have the right colors? Comment below!




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