Eldritch Moon Emrakul Confirmed?


Remember this from three months ago? Has New Emrakul been leaked? On mtgsalvation, a user by the name of Raptorecek posted this:

WotC “confirmed” Emrakul will be part of Eldritch Moon!
All organizers receive information about shipments with promo materials by email. There are also what those shipment contains. Last shipment with promo cards for ELM carry this notice:

EN-LAU 2-PRE-BaB-Advanced-Emrakul-PWD
Marketing Campaign promotional material

All hail the last of the Eldrazi titan! Smile


Although this seems like a moderately thought out rumor, I think it’s false. How would he, of all people know about it, before it’s been posted in any other place. This user has been registered for 2 years though, so he may believe there is some authenticity in it. Though I can’t completely debunk the rumor, I think it’s false. Emrakul may be on Innistrad, but I don’t think this is a confirmation at all.

Edit: It says BaB, indicating that it’s a Buy a Box. Aren’t those usually rare and not mindblowingly powerful?

What do you think? Comment your thoughts and opinions below!




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