Exploring Infect

Today, we’re going to talk about Infect in Modern. Not just old, boring UG Infect. We’re going to delve into what other colors could go well in an Infect deck.

What we Know

These are the main reasons for being in green for infect. We’re not going to shift out of green, since it has so much good pump and infect creatures, along with Noble Hierarch being both pump and mana ramp.

Blue helps your infect creatures become more evasive against faster decks, so you can race them. Blighted Agent and Distortion Strike are both great, but maybe cuttable, and I’ll show you why.


Splashing Red in UG Infect allows for faster kills, because you can Turn One Glistener, Turn Two Groundswell, Double Mutagenic, Might of Krosa and Assualt Strobe. It kind of messes up the mana base, but you can run a few more fetches and shocks, since Infect cares a little less about their own life total. Temur Battle Rage is a little more expensive, but gives trample, which helps you beat slower decks. It may be useful in lieu of Distortion Strike and Blight Agent, in a RG Infect deck. Here’s a list I whipped up: RG Infect. A small downside is that Hierarch doesn’t tap for Red.


Playing Black allows you two get past most fast decks by killing everything because it has first strike, or the fact that it sneaks past Goblin Guides, Swiftspears, and the like. You can also include the following package:

Memnite and Ornithopter come down early for free, and can just swarm past boards and get infect from Tainted Strike. I’m not sure how well this package works, since you only have four Tainted Strike, so it feels kind of fragile, but still kind of viable. Let’s look at Jund Infect.

What do you think? Would you play either of Jund or RG Infect? Comment your opponents below.








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