The Art of Magic The Gathering: Zendikar


I recently purchased The Art of Magic the Gathering: Zendikar from a local book store while hunting for some good books to read in my spare time. I’ve found the book to be incredibly interesting, and would like to recommend it to you all. Here’s why:

  1. Lore. It contains hard to find, and interesting lore content. If you’re a Vorthos-y type of person, this is a great book for you. I’m not a Vorthos, but, it’s still a terribly interesting book. It contains information on Eldrazi rankings, which I haven’t ever seen before, and lots of detailed descriptions of Zendikari landmarks and regions. It even has some of the more well-known points of lore, such as the main Zendikar storyline. It’s really interesting to learn about the story behind individual cards, which shows you just how much work Wizards does making compelling storylines and characters.
  2. Art. All the art in the book isn’t original, but it is blown up and enlarged, which allows you to admire how much work Magic artists put into painting the Magic art. You can see each brush stroke, and it just makes you think. Even the commons, each piece is so beautiful. There are a variety of art pieces, from two page pieces of art, to smaller quarter of a page pieces of art, accompanied by explanatory paragraphs. So much of Magic art is hand drawn, and Magic artists deserve much more recognition. They all have serious skills.

I actually paid 40$ for this, and I still feel good about it, because the book is so great, and I supported a cool, local business. If you guys want to buy it, I would appreciate if you bought it through me, here. If you do, it helps support the blog and help me bring you more product reviews and deck techs. I’m working on some sort of transparency, so you can see that I am actually spending the money I earn to improve this website. You readers are great, genuinely. A lot of people have been commenting and liking, and this makes me feel all warm inside, and even more motivated to continue writing Magic content for you. Thanks for reading! Have a great day!




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