[50 Shades of Mizzix] Mizzix Storm


I’m back! Today, we storm off with Mizzix! The main idea is to tutor up Storm finishers and/or mana generators with cards such as Merchant Scroll, Mystical Tutor, Personal Tutor and the like. I’m going to show you a little infinite combo I included.

To get infinite recasts of any spell by 1. Playing the Spell you want to cast over and over. 2. Mystic Retrieval for it, and play it again. 3. Flashback and play it again. 4. Runic Repetition for Mystic Retrieval. 5. Mystic Retrieval for Runic Repetition. 6. Flashback, and play the first spell again. 7. Repeat 4-6. This is a mana heavy process, but if you keep on playing Time Warp, you can draw through your whole deck, accumulating lands, and win through pure board development, or drawing into all of your combo pieces and storming off. If you have enough lands, you can get infinite mana by replaying Turnabout or High Tide, accumulating mana for a large Comet Storm or something of the like. I think this deck is reasonably good, and fun.

What do you think? Leave a comment below!


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