[50 Shades of Mizzix] Mizzix Counterspells


Today, we counter everyone’s spells using Mizzix as our commander. This deck is no fun to play against. We run 35+ counterspells, and several ways to get them back, to counter even more spells. This deck is cool and all, but how are we going to win?


Guile is a big creature, that can keep on coming back, unless it’s exiled. It lets you play anything that you counter, which dissuades you opponents from casting large spells, so you don’t steal them, but if they don’t do anything, Guile will beat them down.

We can also go with tokens as our win condition, through Talrand’s Drakes, and Young Pyromancer’s Elementals.

Lullmage Mentor produces tokens, and also lets you counter extra spells. Muddle the Mixture is pure value, because you can counter a spell, or search up Young Pyromancer, to act as your win condition.

Decklist: Mizzix Counterspells




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