New Announcement Schedule VS. Old Announcement Schedule


This new announcement structure, what’s it’s advantages and disadvantages? Is it well thought out on Wizard’s part? Let’s talk this over.
One thing before this though. I will be traveling to China for the next 3 weeks, and have prepared the three 50 Shades of Mizzix articles, but don’t expect any others. Sorry! I’ll be having too much fun!


  • It’s overwhelming. Announcing a half-dozen products at once doesn’t allow many players to savor the exquisite taste of each. It’s like jamming ice cream, soda, french fries, a burger, and a hot dog into your mouth at the same time. It overwhelms your taste buds. (I don’t speak from personal experience, I’m both vegetarian and don’t frequent fast food chains) You can’t savor the individual flavors of any of the foods, instead they blend into a more unappealing mushy glob of sweet and savory. Wizards has attacked our brains with a blinding assortment of various products, which doesn’t allow us to savor the uniqueness and all the work that goes into each.
  • Boredom. It’s boring, waiting for a half dozen months, knowing only the premise of each product. By the time we get there, I’ll bet I’ll have already forgotten what the heck Kaladesh is. We don’t even know the set symbols yet!
  • Lack of Action. Sort of related to point two, it’s not fun waiting six months to hear about the next six months. I would rather have spaced out announcements, which also helps negate both of the first two cons.


  • Speculation. It can possibly allow for more buildup and speculation to the new set, due to longer wait times, which could be intriguing to watch unfold. I always enjoy some of the semi-pointless speculation about Thopter Queen and the like.

What do you think? Which side do you take? I stand with the old announcement schedule. Comment your arguments below!



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