Spring Announcements!

We’re going to Kaladesh! Kaladesh! Artificers, Artifacts! Everywhere! Today, I’m going to go over the recent Announcement. First thing you need to know is: There is a new announcement schedule, one announcement in the Spring, one in the Fall, which will cover all upcoming sets and products for the period of time between announcements. Now, let’s break down the announcements, since Wizard’s article was a little bit overwhelming, at least for me. It took me around 15 minutes to register what exactly was happening. It involved me opening dozens of tabs, from a plethora of websites, trying to grasp the what exactly Wizards did. Anyway, that’s not the idea of the post, so let’s get down to it.

  1. Kaladesh will be the Fall Set. Kaladesh is Chandra’s home plane, a plane of artificers. Some Kaladesh cards appeared in Magic Origins, e.g. Pia and Kiran, Ghirapur Aether Grid, Thopter Spy Network, Thopter Engineer, etc. The set releases September 30. I’m super hyped and intrigued about how this set will fit in to the main storyline, or if it will at all.
  2. Aether Revolt will be the Winter Set. It’s still based in Kaladesh, and the name indicates some revolt, though I don’t have any theories, because I don’t know much about Kaladesh lore. Or lore in general. At least I’m trying to improve, by listening to Unspoken Realms. (I’m listening to it as I write) It’ll release January 20, 2017. That seems quite far…. The suspense might kill me. That’s a con of this Announcement structure, it announces things but leaves questions unanswered for months.
  3. Planeswalker Decks. Planeswalker Decks will include one planeswalker, and two rares, for the low price of 14.99$. This seems great, but below the surface, there are a few problems. The deck will have a planeswalker relevant to the block, which leaves a question, will the planeswalkers be in the block, or just related, so reprints?
    1. If the first reality is true, and they are planeswalkers from the block, then they can’t make good planeswalkers, because then the Planeswalker Decks would be bought out by Constructed players, leaving none for the intended audience, beginners. So, either the product is bought by the wrong audience, or the new planeswalkers suck. That’s the first possibility.
    2. The second is that there are reprints, which would probably be a better option, but they still wouldn’t be able to reprint any playable planeswalker, or the Planeswalker Decks would be bought out even more, because the planeswalker in question isn’t in print anymore. Then, the planeswalker packs are just as bad as say, Intro Packs, who no seasoned player would ever buy.
    3. I think this is a major flaw, and would like to see how Wizards pulls this off, if it even does. Comment below if you think my arguments are invalid, and have your own points to make.
  4. Bundles. Bundles are the new name for Fat Packs. I never got the name anyways, since they weren’t fat at all. These bundles are Fat Packs in all but name, the only difference being they contain one more pack. I think these should be called Fatter Packs, not Bundles. The name nor the extra pack will persuade me to buy these, unless Full Art lands are included again, which I don’t think will happen, considering what happened last time. 70$ Fat Packs! Wow!
  5. Commander 2016 is coming, releasing November 11. You know what? It will have four-color commanders! Four colored! This will be interesting to see unfold. What will the Commander decks bring?
  6. The next duel deck will be Nissa Vs. Ob Nixilis. Interesting, based in Zendikar? Shouldn’t there be like a, Kaladesh themed duel deck? What’s happening? That aside, the biggest question is who will be the reprint and who will be the new card, since the face cards are always like that, at least since now. This Zendikar based duel deck when we’re supposed to be excited about Kaladesh seems weird and out of place. Shouldn’t they be focusing on how to make people excited about the coming sets, not the past ones? And, why are either of Ob or Nissa on Kaladesh? I’m confused!
  7. Conspiracy 2 will have draft packs. Three packs for 11.99$ MSRP. What’s the point, again? Can’t you just buy three packs for 11.99$? For the quadrillionth time today, Wizards has confused me.
  8. Planechase Anthology. Planechase Anthology will include both of the Planechase sets, much like Duel Decks Anthology. I don’t have much experience with either of the Planechase sets, so this is not a cause for joy, at least for me.

Let’s take a step back and look at this. Here’s my first impressions:

Kaladesh: Sweet! 10/10

Aether Revolt: Sweet! 10/10

Planeswalker Decks: No way this is going to work out. 1/10 (I have some hope, eh, not really)

Bundles: Not really interested. 0/10

Commander 2016: Hyped! 10/10

Duel Deck: Could work out, but confusing, much? 5/10

Conspiracy Draft Set: Why? Why is this here? 0/10

Planechase Anthology: Not that it’s bad, just not interested. 0/10

Today, Wizard’s Announcments scored a 45%. Not in any way, a good score, though the products I’m uninterested in dragged the score down. I’ll give it a C, a pass, if they can clarify the Duel Deck thingymabob.

See you all later!




5 thoughts on “Spring Announcements!

  1. The duel deck is exactly what it should be. The dd with 2 planeswalkers always reprints both and has them from the previous block instead of the current or future block. For example, Elspeth vs Kiora was printed after we left Theros and used the Theros Elspeth and the BNG Kiora. Similarly, we just left zendikar, so now they are doing the zendikar themed planeswalkers and likely using Nissa, Voice of Zendikar and Ob Nixilis, Reignited. (It’s possible they use a different Nissa, but due to the zendikar theme, voice of zendikar seems most likely)


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