Comet Storm Science


Today, we tackle the problem: at what point do you get the best rate for Comet Storm? I’m going to see just how much damage you can squeeze out of every mana.

One Mana: N/A

Two Mana: N/A

Three Mana:

X: 1

Kicks: 0

Damage: 1

Damage per Mana: 1/3

Four Mana:

X: 2

Kicks: 0

Damage: 2

Damage per Mana: 1/2

Five Mana:

X: 2

Kicks: 1

Damage: 4

Damage per Mana: 4/5

Six Mana:

X: 2

Kicks: 2

Damage: 6

Damage per Mana: 1

Seven Mana:

X: 3

Kicks: 2

Damage: 9

Damage per Mana: 1 2/7

Eight Mana:

X:  4

Kicks: 2

Damage: 12

Damage per Mana: 1 1/2

Nine Mana:

X: 4

Kicks: 3

Damage: 16

Damage per Mana: 1 7/9

Ten Mana:

X: 5

Kicks: 3

Damage: 20

Damage per Mana: 2

Eleven Mana:

X: 5

Kicks: 4

Damage: 25

Damage per Mana: 2 3/11

Twelve Mana:

X: 6

Kicks: 6

Damage: 42

Damage per Mana: 3 1/2

Thirteen Mana:

X: 6

Kicks: 7

Damage: 49

Damage per Mana: 3 10/13

Fourteen Mana:

X: 7

Kicks: 7

Damage: 56

Damage per Mana: 4

Let’s talk about the trends. The first increase, from three to four, is only ~0.167. The last one I recorded, between thirteen and fourteen is ~0.231. That’s a difference of a ~0.064 increased increase from three to four to thirteen to fourteen.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 8.33.49 PM

As you may or not be able to see, the damage rate spikes when you put 12 mana into Comet Storm. So, you should spend at least twelve mana to cast Comet Storm in most scenarios.

Was this helpful? Would you enjoy more of these type of posts in the future? If so, leave your thoughts below in the comments!




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