[50 Shades of Mizzix] Mizzix Self Mill


Today, we mill ourselves with Mizzix at the helm of our deck. The main idea of the deck is to generate not just mana advantage, but tons of card advantage. More specifically, what we do is play Fact or Fiction type effects that give us cards and fill the graveyard, which gives us minor card advantage, or in some cases, card selection, but in conjunction with retrace and flashback cards, out minor card advantage transforms into something much more. Flashback, just by itself, let’s you get two casts out of one spell. Combined with using Fact or Fiction type effects to obtain card advantage and selection, while still being able to cast all the spells you dump into the graveyard, you might just be able to win on the principle of card advantage. In commander, card advantage is less meaningful, since there are many more players, but I think the deck might just outvalue some opponents. Let me show you an example.



Let’s say you play Insurrection. You take all the creatures, but you don’t win. The next turn, you Recoup to insurrection again, and then in the same turn, return Insurrection to your hand with Runic Repetition, since it still has flashback. Next turn, you Insurrection again. Next, you flashback Recoup to play Insurrection for a fourth time. That’s the kind of value I’m talking about. Using these three cards, you’ve probably won the game, even if your opponent countered any of the previous Insurrections.

Decklist: Mizzix Self-Mill

What do you think? Is this deck good enough?




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