SOI Intro Pack Review! Angelic Fury


Today, we discuss the Red-White Intro Pack. It’s an aggressive, token-based deck, with some more subtle synergies than the more obvious Delirium or Madness based intro packs.

As always, I bring you an improved version of the intro pack, which uses half the cards from the original intro pack, and only adds in 10$ of improvements. The deck is able to place well in FNM and the like, but will probably be murdered by try hards at GPs or SCG events.

Sorcery (7)

Enchantment (3)

In this deck, I added green because Second Harvest is too good to pass up in any token strategy, and Silverfur Partisan is a efficient three-drop curve filler for the deck. The deck has twenty cards that can make tokens, and many that take advantage of them. Gryff’s Boon is actually pretty playable in this deck, as a way to win in a stalled out board, because you can keep on re-enchanting tokens and sending them over. Stern Constable can help push you into an early finish by clearing away bigger blockers, while discarding lands or cards that you can’t play. Angelic Purge is more obvious. You can sacrifice a token to kill anything, even an enchantment or artifact that your opponent may have. Flameblade Angel helps punish spot removal against any of your tokens, which makes a lose-lose situation for your opponent, same for Silverfur Partisan. This deck challenges control decks, becuase you can win before they can Languish turn 4 or Planar Outburst on turn 5. Magmatic Chasm can help you win through more aggressive strategies. The sideboard, as always, should be meta-dependent, but I suggest more Magmatic Chasms, more Angelic Purges, more Gryff’s Boons, and even possibly some more Flameblade Angels to really punish control.

As you may already know, I suggest that if you want to purchase this intro pack, you purchase it through me, here. I’ve almost received my first 10$ payout, so thanks to you all. If you want to purchase all five, you can do so here for only 59.96$.

Hope this was enjoyable/helpful/amusing!

All Hail The Frog God!



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