[50 Shades of Mizzix] Mizzix Stacks


This week, we play Stacks. Stacks is a deck where you make everything cost a ton with cards such as Thorn of the Amethyst. In the deck we tutor up these stack enchantments and artifacts, and copy them. The idea is that everyone else will have a hard time playing things, but Mizzix will help negate the Stacks enchantments and artifacts. Besides the Stacks elements the deck plays like a classic Mizzix deck, with tons of cantrips, and Comet Storm and Fall of the Titans as finishers.

Thorn of Amethyst is pretty good against most decks, though it hinders you a little more than some of the others. Sphere of Resistance is great because it hits all spells, not just noncreatures.

Feroz’s Ban is so fantastic, due to our low creature count. If we have this out, we usually don’t even care about playing our creatures, besides Mizzix. High Seas really punishes stompy decks, but hinders Mizzix a little.

If I were to cut a Stacks spell, it would be Squeeze, because we run 18 sorceries. It’s only worth playing if you have a sorcery high opponent. Monastery Siege is great because it only hinders you opponent, and makes all their removal spells really hard to play.

Decklist: Mizzix Stacks

What do you think? Is this a good idea?




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