SOI Intro Pack Review! Vampiric Thirst


Today, we talk about Vampiric Thirst, the RB Madness Intro Pack for Shadows over Innistrad. The deck is an aggressive deck, with some madness elements.

As you many now, what I do in these posts is I improve the Intro Pack, while keeping half of the original cards from the intro pack, and only adding 10$ worth of cards. I made it more aggressive, with more Madness outlets and creatures, but less Vampire tribal. This deck could do well at your FNM, but not at a higher level event, such as a Grand Prix or a SCG Open.

Instant (8)

Land (22)

This new and improved deck can run away with games, with the right combination of Fiery Tempers, Alms of the Veins, and aggressive creatures. More controlling decks can’t keep up, even with removal heavy decks, and you can burn through decks like Collected Company, because they only generate incremental value, where as you get a ton of value from Tormenting Voices and Macabre Waltzes. The sideboard is as always, customizable for your metagame. The sideboard could include more burn, more finishers, or maybe more aggressive creatures.

If you want to purchase the Intro Pack, please buy it through this site, to help support it. You can buy it here. If you do, I will get a few cents so I can continue to write more and improve this blog.

Thanks for reading the blog! Also, special thanks if you supported the blog!



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