Mono Red Aggro

Today, we talk about Mono-Red. Not old Mono-Red that just burns through all it’s cards and just plays efficient creatures. This deck is synergistic, with Madness meshing with creature quality.

One Drops

Falkenrath Gorger is a pretty efficient creature, two power for one mana, and it also has some decent upside, since the deck is mainly Vampires. Insolent Neonate enables some of the eleven Madness cards in the deck. It gets in for a few points early, with menace, and generates card advantage later in the game.

Two Drops

Bloodmad Vampire can come out of no where if you Madness it in at the end of turn, while you were holding up some removal. A 4/1 is nothing to laugh at, especially out of no where. Ravenous Bloodseeker can always threaten to trade, and enable madness. Scourge Wolf is decent as a 2/2 First Striker for 2. It’s possible for us to attain delirium, but it’s quite uncommon.

Three Drops

Incorrigible Youths is so aggressive in a Madness deck, so it’s a perfect fit for the deck. Sin Prodder either pings down your opponent, or draws you an additional card every turn. It’s also a great 3 drop, having Menace.


Fiery Temper is a build-your-own Lightning Bolt. In this deck, it’s not hard to achieve. Fiery Impulse is good efficient burn, impossible to turn down in a red aggressive deck.


Skin Invasion is just beautiful. It can make your opponent’s small creature suicide, and get you a one mana 3/4, or it can combo with a removal spell to get the 3/4. On the other hand, it can go on your own creature to help make sure it doesn’t get removed, or if it does, you get the 3/4 as consolation.

Lightning Axe’s additional cost isn’t really a disadvantage, it’s more of a boon. It can kill anything in the format except the ramp finishers. Tormenting Voice is basically two mana for draw two, because you can just Madness in something with the additional cost. It’s good as a way to refuel, a thing that the old Mono-Red decks didn’t have access to.

What do you think? Am I missing any key cards?



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