SOI Intro Pack Review! Horrific Visions


Today, we take a look at the the green-black delirum Intro Pack. It contains a portion of the cards needed for the Green Black Delirium Midrange deck I discussed a few days ago. I feel like the GB Delirium deck has potential, especially at FNMs.

The deck plays by setting up Delirium early on in the game, and then casting a wide array of threats to beat down your opponent. The deck has lots of late game potential, with delirium effects that trigger every upkeep.

From now on, I’m going to fix up the deck to make it playable, at least on a FNM level, but still using half of the cards in the deck, and remaining under 10$ in improvements.

Land (24)

Enchantment (6)

This deck shores up the removal suite with Grasp of Darkness and To the Slaughter, and gets better finishers with a playset of Soul Swallowers and Inexorable Blob. It can finish the game with a large Liliana’s Indignation. Pulse of Murasa adds more late game viability and lets you outlive aggro. The sideboard is customizable, but I suggest more removal in forms of more To the Slaughter or Ultimate Prices, and more lifegain with 2 more Pulse of Murasas. To beat aggro, you can also sideboard Languishes.

If you want to purchase this deck, please buy it through me so that I’ll get a small portion of the profits so I can do write better content and take more time off to write. If you want to buy through me, you can buy here. Thanks!



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