[50 Shades of Mizzix] Mizzix Steal-Sac


Hello Everyone! This is the next article in the 50 Shades of Mizzix series. This is the fifth installment in the (hopefully) 50 week long series. This week, we build a pretty original build. The deck has two major components: 1. Stealing Cards, including Act of Treason, Threaten, etc. 2. Sacrificing Cards, including Ashnod’s Altar, Altar of Dementia, etc. If you haven’t gleaned it from this short description, this deck functions much like a Yasova Dragonclaw deck, which steals a creature, attacks with it, then sacrifices it for value.

It’s better than Yasova Dragonclaw in some ways. Mainly, it can steal so many more cards every turn, because of Mizzix’s innate cost-reducing ability, so it can win much more quickly.

It’s worse because it loses access to green, which has many good sacrifice outlets. Fortunately, losing green makes us branch out and find some more unconventional sacrifice outlets.

Depending on which sacrifice outlet we have out, the deck will attack from different angles. Goblin Bombardment helps us win using damage. Altar of Dementia helps us win by milling our opponent. Shivan Harvest helps us lock opponents out by bothing removing their creatures and destroying their nonbasic lands, which is sometimes all for some more hardcore players. And of course, there’s always Insurrection. On theme, and still extremely powerful.


One creative card I found and included in the deck is Cold Storage. Oracled text reads

3: Exile target creature you control.
Sacrifice Cold Storage: Return each creature card exiled with Cold Storage to the battlefield under your control.
So, after you steal and swing, you can put them “on” or exile them with Cold Storage. Eventually, they’ll all come out and hopefully win you the game. The fact you don’t need to keep mana up for this, so you can sacrifice in response to artifact destruction is key. Usually, you want to sacrifice them on the last player’s end step to give the psuedo-haste. As a bonus, you keep the creatures when they come back, they don’t go back to your opponents, if I’m not mistaken

Plus, I like the image of stealing Emrakul, then fitting him a freezer, along with a motley crew of other creatures, and then eventually thawing him out, and having him work for you.

Decklist: Mizzix Steal-Sac

Do you think this deck is pretty good? Is it better than Yasova? Why? Do you have any other suggestions for cards that I missed but should include? If so, comment below!



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