GB Delirium Midrange

This is a deck tech for a GB Midrange deck with some delirium enablers and also some big delirium payouts.


Vessel of Nascency is a great enabler because it can around 3/4 of delirium, and you don’t lose a card in a process. We run 16 creatures in the deck, so we should always hit with this. Corpse Churn is different because it lets you get a creature not only from the top cards you just flipped, but any creature in your graveyard. We run 4 Corpse Churn and 3 Vessel, since Corpse Churn is better in the long run, because it can get back anything, and the graveyard is stocked up high in the late game. You should always keep a hand with one of these because your deck needs them to churn out high value creatures.


Liliana, Heretical Healer can help us trade much more efficiently, and then flips into a planeswalker and enables delirium while squeezing your opponent. It can also bring back anything that has died or you have milled.


We run a wide suite of removal, 4 of each. These help us stay alive until we can get our creatures online.


Moldgraf Scavenger can come down turn three or four as a 3/4 for 2, which is super efficient. Inexorable Blob can give us so much late game value by spitting out either chump blockers or tokens that can pressure the opponent.

Mindwrack Demon enables delirium, so you can get your beaters online if they aren’t already. If it’s online, it just beats for 4 each turn, killing basically every flyer in the format, save the dragonlords. The Gitrog Monster is just a unbelievable powerful card. I seem to put it in every deck I play. It creates value by cycling through lands, and is way above curve as a 6/6 Deathtouch for 5.


We run Kalitas, because it’s just too good of a creature to ignore in a Midrange deck. It churns out so much value, since we run 8 maindeck removal spells.


Den Protector is a pretty decent body, and it also pulls out anything from your graveyard, even removal spells. Pulse of Murasa can help pull out any creature, or a Hissing Quagmire in a pinch. It also outdistances your opponent by gaining you 6 life.

Decklist: GB Delirium Midrange

What do you think? What does the deck need?





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