Evolution of Magic Set Naming: Alpha to Eldritch Moon

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.56.26 PM

We have a very statistical article today. I wrote this article because I was kind of curious.  This article is on the trend of Magic set naming over the years. This article will discuss the average amount of letters in a Magic set. For all Magic sets, excluding supplementary sets, but including Eldritch Moon, the average number of letters for the set name is ~10.84 letters. 

The year with the highest average letters is 2005, with 16.75 letters closely followed by 2016. 2016 still has the Winter set yet to be spoiled, so it could take top place. 2005 was an anomaly, compared to the years following it. It was so high because of the Kamigawa Block, Betrayers of Kamigawa (19), Saviors of Kamigawa (17), Ninth Edition (12), and Ravnica: City of Guilds (19). 2016’s average Magic set name is 16.66 letters. 2016 contained the highest ever number of letters in a Magic set name, Shadows over Innistrad (20). 

I think that the rise of average letters in 2016 wasn’t a fluke, as 2005 was. I consider 2005 as a fluke because the main reason of the long set names was the fact that the set names all had “of Kamigawa” (10) in them. The set names in 2016 were less themed, so I believe the average number of letters in the set names will maintain at around 15 letters.

What do you think? Was this useful? Useless? Thoughts on future predictions?



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